9+ ways to reuse and redevelop a former gas station

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Alex P Williams- Pinellas Commercial Properties

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There are lots of ways to approach gas station redevelopment and there are lots of examples of gas station reuse.
The two primary things we look at when looking to redo a gas station are:

  1. environmental risk: were there any leaks either from the in ground tanks or from the above ground storage tanks of used oil and transmission fluid. Are the tanks still there, what type of tanks and equipment is in existence? When or have they been replaced?
  2. The lot size: many former gas stations are on small lots ranging from .15 to .5 acre. Many of these lots are too small to do large projects with but can be used non the less for small franchise stores and many new retail locations that are popping up across the world. 

For environmental checks we do a quick search, Phase I or Phase II. The results of these reports determine the risk and next steps. Highly desirable sites can have higher environmental risk that can be dealt with due to the extra dollars in the deal. Sites that are not as desirable and have enviro risk are harder to deal with unless the seller can kick in more than a few bucks or unless the state/Feds have dollars available for remediation. This is often the case, so do not give up- give us a call at PinellasCommercialProperties.com

Small sites are predicated on the lot size, building footprint and zoning. What can be built? Is there enough parking? What is the current highest and best use for the site. These are physical and legal limitations. 

Ideal sites for gas station reuse and redevelopment have:

  • Over .5 acres of land
  • Lighted intersection
  • High traffic counts
  • No or low enviro issues

As for what use to put there, the market will dictate. What were previous gas sales at the location? Are there other newer gas stations nearby? What are the day and night traffic patterns? Is there a better use altogether like fast food, coffee, retail or even mixed use?

Here are examples of gas station reuse and redevelopment:

  • Another gas station (duh)
  • Cafe or diner
  • Sandwich shop
  • Retail
  • art gallery
  • Visitors center
  • Fast food
  • Scrape: drug store, fast food, banks, residential 
  • Maybe nothing. Some sites just can’t be reused

If you have a gas station and are in need of gas station reuse or redevelopment advice or want to sell it, give us a ring at 727-418-1570 or email us at alex@pinellasCommercialProperties.com

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