People purchase commercial properties for far different reasons than people purchase homes. And that makes a huge difference in how and where your property should be presented to the market. I'm Alex P Williams, a commercial real estate broker. In this article we will explore the reasons why as a commercial investor you should use a commercial broker when buying and selling investment property. 

       Since you’re an investor, you know that investors are interested in the return on their investment. Thus the numbers are all-important. While they naturally want properties that will appeal to tenants, the floor plan, the condition of the property, and the neighborhood matter only in how they will affect the bottom line.

           The difference in what the two kinds of buyers are looking for is why real estate agents who deal with single family homes are often unable to sell commercial investment properties. You only have one shot at getting the Maxumum Value for your income property and many residential agents simply don’t speak the same language nor do they advertise it in places where serious buyers look. And needless to say they DO NOT have a list of hedge fund, commercial and private buyers looking to invest at right now. 

            Because we specialize in selling commercial properties, we know where to place the property to find investors. That is a big difference. Most residential agent uses the 3 P’s Method- Put in on MLS, put a sign in the yard and Pray that it sells. hoping to find a buyer on MLS. Many of those buyers were outbid or took too long in Due Diligence. When you do business with Pinellas Commmercial Properties you are doing business with our list of Tier One serious buyers.

           So if you’re still interested in selling, call or text us at 727-418-1570. I’ll be happy to show you why our investment properties sell for Maximum Value when others expire off the market unsold.


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